Intl World Peace Rose Gardens

Assisi, Italy (1991)

Theme: Universal Peace with All Creation


Location: This garden is located in an enclosed area by the upper Basilica
that is open approximately from May through September.
The area is presently closed due to earthquake damage.

Garden Description:
This garden is an interpretation of the life and ideals of St. Francis. The garden is designed with three rose crosses to symbolize the spiritual trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit or known as Sat, Tat, Om in Eastern religions. The first rose cross is filled with white roses to symbolize the purity of St. Francis’ thoughts, words and actions. The second cross is filled with yellow roses that represents the encouragement St. Francis gave to all to live a spiritual life. The third rose cross is filled with red roses to represent his love of all creation. In the centers of each rose cross purple roses which represent the stigmata of Christ which St. Francis joyfully accepted while giving love and service to all.

The Basilica is home to the Franciscans International (FI) which works on behalf of the poor for peace, justice and the care of creation at the United Nations in New York and Geneva.

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