Intl World Peace Rose Gardens


Sacramento, California 95814, USA (2003)

Theme: Peace for Women, Children & Families

Location: Downtown Sacramento at State Capitol Park
15th Street, near L St.
Hours Open: Daily, sunrise to sunset

Garden Description:
The Victorian-designed garden sits on .42 acre in State Capitol Park and features about 650 roses in over 140 varieties of colors and fragrances. Walkways lead to a small courtyard with a fountain in the center and a heart-shaped seating wall surrounds an elegant square Peace Pavilion. Numerous benches scattered throughout the garden beckon visitors to sit and enjoy the breathtaking beauty of multi-colored roses amidst an historic ambiance. Additionally, forty-four winning Inspirational Messages of Peace by our youth have been engraved on individual plaques and placed throughout the garden to serve as points of inspiration.

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